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Free and intuitive file-sharing service

Send Anywhere is a cloud-based service that enables users to send and receive files in a matter of seconds. It offers a very streamlined interface and registration takes only a matter of minutes. Once an account has been confirmed, transfers can immediately begin. There is no charge to utilise this bundle.

Core Features and Usability

Send Anywhere allows users to share and store their files within a cloud-based environment. There are two advantages associated with this approach. First, excess memory can be freed up within a hard disk. Secondly, cloud storage offers an extra level of redundancy. Real-time transfers will employ the use of a one-time security key. Once a file is uploaded, the user will enter this key as well as the address of the recipient. It is also possible to create download links that can be shared with other authorised stakeholders.

Additional Functions

Send Anywhere can be used with smartphones as well as standard personal computers. It is also highly advantageous when a large file needs to be attached to an email. User-friendly controls alongside a drag-and-drop functionality round out the benefits associated with this software. The bundle can work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Once the user registers with the website, Send Anywhere can be downloaded immediately.

P2P file sharing service across all platforms/devices.

Goodbye cumbersome Email and USBs!
Introducing the free, file sharing service Send Anywhere.
Send any file regardless of type, size, or amount.

Get rid of the difficulties in sharing files!
Send Anywhere requires no registration or login and only a six-digit key to transfer files between devices.

[When to Use Send Anywhere]
• When sending dozens of photos you took on vacation to friends and family in their original resolution.
• When sending large files, in real time, amongst your colleagues.
• When you want to quickly and easily transfer media files and documents from your PC to your phone before traveling.

Together with Send Anywhere forget the difficulties of sharing files and enjoy a simpler, brighter experience.

[How To Use]
? Sending
- Direct 1:1 Sending
1. Select the files you wish to send and click Send.
2. Share the 6-digit key with the receiving device/person.
3. Wait for the file transfer to start

- 48 Hour Sharing
1. Select the files you wish to send and click Send.
2. Click the Link Share button beneath the 6-digit key.
3. Share this link!
* Anyone with this link can download the files within a 48-hour period!

? Receiving
1. Either enter the 6-digit code or click the Link Share URL.
2. Enjoy!

? Other Sending
1. Select the device that you wish to send to from the list on the Home Screen.
2. Select files to send to and click Send.
* When sending files to the other party, there is no need to enter a 6-digit key. They will merely have to click Accept for the file transfer to start.

If you have any issues, please just email us at! Enjoy.


  • A fast and efficient means to send files in a real-time scenario.
  • The addition of a one-time key offers higher levels of security.


  • Will not work with older operating systems.
  • Only three languages (including English) are supported.

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Send Anywhere


Send Anywhere for PC

User reviews about Send Anywhere

  • Fynn Oliver

    by Fynn Oliver

    In my experience, I find Send Anywhere software service more efficient to use mainly because of its streamlined interface and registratMore

  • Alabi Sheriff

    by Alabi Sheriff

    awesome nice work, but not easy to download at all and it too busy. good app need to be simple and accessible.

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